5th International Workshop on

Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems


About Scopes

SCOPES 2001 the 5th workshop in a series of workshops which initially were called "International Workshops on Code Generation for Embedded Processors". The name SCOPES has been used since the fourth workshop. The scope of the workshop is that of software for embedded systems with emphasis on code generation (compilers) for embedded processors. Topics of highest interest include:

- code generation for embedded processors
- specification and validation techniques for embedded software
- run-time support and real-time operating systems
- software synthesis
- software design for multiprocessor systems
- exploitation of memory hierarchies
- design of embedded software

The plan is to have at least one day of the workshop devoted to compilers for embedded processors and at least one day on general issues related to embedded software and embedded processor architectures. In addition, there will be a keynote presentation by a well-known speaker. A key goal of the workshop is to provide an interactive atmosphere. Questions are allowed during all presentations. There will be special discussion sessions and all attendees will be staying at the hotel next to the castle. The workshop certainly is not just another small conference! The workshop is open to all interested participants. However, attendance is limited to about 70 attendees. Priority will be given to speakers. Other registrations will be processed on a first-come-first served basis. Authors should electronically send their contribution of up to five pages in postscript, PDF or RTF format to the General Chair by Nov. 10th. Contributions will be reviewed by an international programme committee.