5th International Workshop on

Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems


Travel Information

Workshop venue

Schloss-Hotel & Villa Rheinfels
Schlossberg 47
56329 St.Goar
phone: +49 6741 802-0
fax: +49 6741 802-802

Contact person for reservations: Mrs. Stockter

In the following you will find information how to reach Villa Rheinfels coming by air, train, or by car. You can also have a look at the WWW sites of Franfurt airport, Köln/Bonn airport, or of other airports.  You might also have a look at the German Railway's WWW site. All sites provide information in English language. If you need any individual help please contact us. We can provide individual train schedule and price information if you inform us about your arrival place and time.

By air

The nearest international airports are Frankfurt and Köln/Bonn. The travel time from Frankfurt and Köln/Bonn to St Goar is about 1 hr.  From both Airports you can reach St. Goar either by train (see below) or by taxi.

By train

There is a train station at Frankfurt airport from where you go over Mainz main station (main station = Hauptbahnhof = Hbf) to St Goar (travel time about 1.5 hrs).

From Köln/Bonn you first have to go Köln Hbf or Bonn Hbf. You can go by taxi to Köln and to Bonn Hbf (40 German Marks/ 22 US$ and 70 German Marks/ 38 US$ respectively).  Alternatively you can also go by bus to both Köln and to Bonn Hbf. From Köln Hbf you go over Koblenz to St Goar (travel time about 1.5 hrs). From Bonn Hbf you also go over Koblenz to St. Goar (travel time about 1 hr).

You should take a taxi from St Goar station to Villa Rheinfels.

By car

The following roadmap shows how to reach St Goar from Köln, Frankfurt, Mannheim
and Saarbrücken. In St Goar follow the signs to Schloss Rheinfels. If you need more detailed information please contact us.


For individual information please contact:
Stefan Steinke
University of Dortmund
Dept. of Computer Science 12
D-44221 Dortmund, Germany
phone: +49 231 755 6133
fax:      +49 231 755 6116
email: steinke@ls12.cs.uni-dortmund.de