5th International Workshop on

Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems


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The Middle Rhine Valley, located in central Germany between the cities of Koblenz and Mainz, is named after the river Rhine, and it is famous for its large variety of good wines. The valley is covered with several castles that date back to the Middle Ages. The workshop will be held in the "Villa Rheinfels" building. Villa Rheinfels is a part of the Schloss Rheinfels castle built on a hill above the town of St. Goar in 1245. The castle now serves as a hotel, while Villa Rheinfels offers modern conference facilities.

Schloss Rheinfels is located opposite to the famous Loreley Rock and offers an impressive view of the Middle Rhine Valley and the river Rhine. St. Goar is easily accessible by car or train from Frankfurt and Dusseldorf airports.

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