The workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems (SCOPES) and the workshop on Mapping of Applications to MPSoCs (Map2MPSoC) will organize a joint M-SCOPES workshop in 2013.

The M-SCOPES workshop will feature a combination of research papers and research presentations (details see below). The research papers will also be published in the ACM digital library. The workshop will be held in cooperation with ACM SIGBED and EDAA.

The influence of embedded systems is constantly growing. Increasingly powerful and versatile devices are developed and put on the market at a fast pace. Their functionality and number of features is increasing, and so are the constraints on the systems concerning size, performance, energy dissipation and timing predictability. To meet all these constraints, multi-processor systems on a chip (MPSoCs) are becoming popular in embedded systems. In order to meet the performance and energy constraints of embedded applications, heterogeneous architectures incorporating functional units optimized for specific functions are commonly employed. This technological trend has dramatic consequences on the parallelization, mapping, compiler and design technology used to develop these systems.

The M-SCOPES workshop focusses on the software generation process for modern embedded systems. Topics of interest include all aspects of the compilation and mapping process of embedded single and multi-processor systems. This includes (but is not limited to):