Call for Papers

A next edition of the workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems (SCOPES) will be organized in 2021. The workshop will feature a combination of research papers and work-in-progress papers. The papers will also be published in the ACM digital library. The workshop is held in cooperation with ACM SIGBED and EDAA.


Our smart society is nowadays driven by embedded systems that control cars, trucks, trains and planes, medical equipment like xray and mri systems, manufacturing equipment like lithography scanners, production printers and electron microscopes, automated warehouses, our electricity grid, etc. These systems generate massive amounts of streaming data that needs to be processed in a timely and power efficient manner. Power efficient and/or real-time processing is often only feasible with specialized processing components, like GPUs, FPGAs, SIMDs or VLIWs. This technological trend has dramatic consequences on the parallelization, mapping, compiler and design technology used to develop these systems.

The SCOPES workshop focuses on the software generation process for modern embedded systems. Topics of interest include all aspects of the compilation and mapping process of embedded systems. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • machine learning algorithms on edge devices;
  • hardware accelerators and associated tool flows for deep learning;
  • models of computation and programming languages;
  • performance analysis techniques for models of computation;
  • operating systems for embedded devices;
  • automatic code parallelization techniques;
  • domain specific compilation;
  • mapping and scheduling techniques for embedded multi-processor systems;
  • hardware acceleration for novel application domains (e.g., AI, self-driving cars)
  • compiler support for hardware acceleration;
  • code generation techniques for embedded single- and multi-processor architectures;
  • design of real-time systems
  • design-space exploration techniques for use in the HW/SW codesign process;
  • techniques to exploit the dynamic behavior in embedded applications;
  • interactions between operating systems and compilers;
  • techniques for compiler aided profiling, measurement, debugging and validation of embedded software.

The workshop structure (presentations followed by intensive discussions) allows for an interactive atmosphere in which industrial and academic representatives can exchange new ideas and trends in the area MPSoC mapping and code generation.